Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a basic artist package to register with Dare?

There is no fee to be represented by Dare Artist Management. You do not pay upfront for any of the work completed on behalf of you and/or your child to submit them for briefs and arrange audition opportunities. This fee is delayed until your child actually secures a job. However, it is necessary to have the elements that are provided in the Basic Artist Package to be submitted for briefs. Dare has a strict quality control ethos and prefers to create all these elements in-house to make sure your child has the best possible chance of attracting interest from casting directors. However, if you have professional standard filming set up at home and are familiar with the industry requirements of self-tapes, then of course you can produce this product yourself. Please be aware that self-tapes must meet Dare’s quality control requirements to be submitted.

COVID Requirements for the Performing Arts Industry.

It has now become a standard requirement of the performing arts industry that all performing arts producers, venues, and companies have a strict vaccination policy. As an agency, we are now only allowed to submit talent who can show proof of vaccination prior to the commencement of the project they are booked on. Also, it has now become standard practice that if you are booked on a project you will need to have a Covid test 24-48 hrs before you commence work on that project, even if you can show proof of vaccination. To be prepared for this, please identify your nearest Covid testing facility and be familiar with the process of completing a test at short notice.

What is the cost of the Basic Artist Package?

Please visit our website www.dareartists.com/studio for all information regarding the cost of our artist packages.

What do I need to do to be represented by Dare?

If you are invited to join Dare, it is free to be registered with us. There is a lot of work that the Dare team do to be able to submit you for projects. Dare does not get paid for this work unless you are successful at landing the role we have submitted you for. However, there are a number of items you need in your artist package for us to be able to submit you for projects. We have a strict policy of quality control at Dare. This is one of the things that makes us stand out from other agencies and assists in securing briefs and self-tape audition opportunities for our artists. With this in mind, there are some minimum items you must have in your artist package for us to submit you for briefs. This includes a Dare branded headshot, Dare branded CV, a Dare Slate (a video identifier), and a Dare Intro to Camera. We prefer to produce all of these items in-house to assist in consistency, professionalism and continuity. The Dare brand is quality in everything. This brand ensures that our artists are treated well and are well respected for the product they produce.

For people who are really serious about making the arts industry their career, you can also add to your Basic Artist Package our Working Artist Package and our Deluxe Dare Show Reel. Please find information about these packages on the Dare website under the Studio tab.

Showcast Profile: Also, if you are very serious about this as a career or would like as many opportunities as possible to be submitted for briefs and increase your chances of auditioning for projects, then a profile on, a casting platform, like Showcast is essential. I can guide you through this as it is something that you set up independently. Dare does not receive any financial benefit from Showcast when and if you have a profile with them.

Does my child need to be able to sing, dance and act to be represented by Dare?

No, there are many briefs that come through that require young people who can act or simply have a really bubbly personality. Being able to sing and dance as well is it added bonus, but not essential.

May I give you a call to discuss representation?

We would dearly love to discuss representation with everyone. As you can appreciate the Dare office is a busy place, so it may take us a few days to get back to you. Until then please read our FAQ sheet to see if that helps you in the meantime. Is also very helpful when you send us an email requesting a phone conversation that you put your questions into the email so that we are prepared to have the information ready for you when we do speak with you. I (Laine) will also be available on the filming days to meet you, answer questions and discuss the agency and representation in general.

What should my child wear and bring to the Dare shoot?

Your child will need to bring at least two different outfits. They should bring block colours with flattering necklines (no patterns please). Try and choose colours that either match your child's eyes, Hair or enhance their skin colour. It would be good to have one outfit for the headshot and a different outfit for the filming. Your child's hair will need to be neat, tidy and styled in an attractive way. It is important that they look like their headshot for at least the next year (because every time you change your hairstyle you need new headshots. We don't want you wasting your money).

For our young artists, under the age of 13, they won't need to wear makeup. However, their skin does need to look even, their lips need to look moisturised (They can wear a tiny bit of gloss if they would like) and their eyes need to look bright and shining.

For our artists over the age of 13, we require exactly the same as above, except they can opt to wear a makeup/no-makeup look. The photos must look natural. So please, no false eyelashes. No dark lipsticks, no heavy makeup. It would be beneficial for them to bring a small makeup and hair kit with them to keep their look prepped and fresh during the session. Please make sure all clothing is ironed and looks fresh. Think happy colours and preferably no black tops. black bottoms are fine.

What do I need to prepare for the Basic Artist Package shoot?

Look: You will need to prepare your look for your headshot. It's best to prep two different looks to make sure

we get the best outcome possible. please refer to the information above regarding look preparation.

Slate: You will need to prepare your slate information and practise saying it, so you feel comfortable during your filming.

The information you will be saying is your name, height in both centimetres and feet, where you are currently based for example Brisbane QLD Australia. You may be based in a number of places because you have family in different cities which you visit regularly. Therefore, you would say that you are based for example in both Brisbane and Sydney Australia. Then you finish your slate by saying that you are represented by Dare Artist Management. Please make this your own, speak in a way that is comfortable to you. It's really important that casting directors and producers see your wonderful unique personality.

Example Slate “Hello, my name is Jemima Jones, I am 5 foot 2 which is 159 centimetres tall, I'm located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, and I'm with Dare Artist Management.”

Example Slate“G'day, I'm Davey Andrews, I'm 185 centimetres tall, which is 6 foot one for all of you who like feet and inches, I'm located in both sunny Brisbane and bustling Sydney, Australia, and I'm represented by Dare Artist Management.”

Intro to Camera: This is an opportunity for casting directors, directors and producers to get to know a little bit more about you, and to see a few different sides of your personality. This is basically the moment for you to show them that you would be great to work with. How this is done is that a Reader/Mentor will ask you a number of fun or interesting questions. You just answer honestly. Some will make you laugh, and some will make you feel a bit sentimental. This is great because it helps people on the other side of this video see you as a unique human being. So just have fun with it, be yourself and be honest. Don't worry if you can't think of an answer because sometimes your reaction is gold!

Intro to Camera Example:

Reader: What is your favourite saying?

Talent: Um... I think my favourite saying is “give it a red hot go!” (winks and giggles).

Reader: What's the funniest thing someone's ever said to you?

Talent: (Cheeky laughter) A lot of people say a lot of funny things to me, and I say a lot of funny things right back! (laughs).

Reader: Which sitcom do you think you should star in?

Talent: Hmmm...I think I should definitely star in Seinfeld and Friends... Yep, that's totally my vibe! (Cheeky look).

Reader: Can you carry an elephant?

Talent: What?! No! (laughs) It would have to be a very tiny elephant. (laughs).

Reader: What's your earliest, fondest memory?

Talent: (sentimental) Oh... my beautiful mum when I was a baby. I remember her walking down the hallway and her gorgeous, brown, flowing hair was bouncing around her face. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. (gushes).


I will be dropping my child off and returning to pick them up what time should I arrive to pick them up?

Please be available to collect your child an hour and 10 minutes after they arrive.

My youngest child is too young at this stage for representation, but I have an elder child that I would love to be represented, can I do that?

Yes absolutely, we are keen to represent talented young people who are interested in exploring the world of being represented by a talent agency. Please book a Basic Artists Package through our Dare Artists website booking system. Link: www.dareartists.com/studio


My child is too busy at this stage to start representation, am I able to take up this opportunity at a later date?

Yes, absolutely, we are keen to represent talented young people who are interested in exploring the world of being represented by a Talent Agency. Please get back in touch with us when you are ready to look at representation and then you will be able to book a Basic Artists Package through our Dare Artists website booking system. Link: www.dareartists.com/studio

What sort of commitment is required to be represented and when are the auditions and when are the shoots?

Briefs: of a variety of performance types from Feature Films, Major TV Series, Commercials, Extras Work, Musical Theatre, Straight Plays, Social Media Platform Work, Promotional Work, Stills, Photographic Work and Voice Overs come in every day. We can have up to 5 to 10 different briefs coming in every day. Many of these briefs require young, talented performers, who have a bubbly personality. The location of the work includes Brisbane, QLD wide, National and International destinations. It is completely your decision as to whether you would like to be considered for work locally, nationally or internationally, and you can decide this brief by brief. You can also decide how active you would like to be in being submitted for briefs. If it is not convenient during a period of time for your child to be submitted for briefs, that is completely fine.

The Casting Process: has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Gone are the days of cattle calls and long laborious screen tests and casting appointments. Nearly everything is done via self-tapes. it is imperative that your child’s self-tape is of the highest quality possible to give them the greatest opportunity to stand out in the crowd of other submissions. This is why Dare offers the ability to self-tape in house. You will find our self-tape package on the Dare website under the studio tab. The self-tape package comes with a reader/mentor/technician to make sure we get the best self-tapes possible.

Self-tape information: If you are successful in receiving a self-tape invitation from a casting director (which is quite an honour, as it is basically like going straight through to the second round or being shortlisted) the turnaround time for a self-tape is usually a few days to a week at the most. And they usually consist of a Slate (an identification video), and Intro to Camera (A video that lets the Casting Directors see your lovely personality by having you answer a few fun questions), filming scenes from the project (oftentimes there are a number of scenes to be filmed) and possibly somebody shots to show your look. It is so important that all of these elements are done to the highest level of professionalism and that they meet best practice industry standards, requirements and etiquette. This is the bit we do not want to get wrong, and that's why Dare is there to help you every step of the way. If you are able to replicate Dare’s quality control requirements for self-tapes at home, then please feel free to record them at home. Please remember that if they do not replicate our quality control requirements they may not be submitted. we are happy to discuss this with you and give you feedback to help you meet our quality control requirements. If you feel you are unable to replicate Dare’s quality control requirements, then please feel free to book a Dare Self-Tape with Reader/Mentor session via The STUDIO tab.

What does “being put on hold” mean? If your child is fortunate enough to get through to the next round which is usually called “being put on Hold, Strong Hold or Short-Listed” the casting directors will give us a period of time that they would need the talent to be available for. Often, it's a number of weeks in the future. At this time you are able to put in any non-availability.

Film Shoots: can be any time of the day throughout the week, and it usually is dependent on what the project's shoot schedule looks like. I'm unable to say specifically when shoots will be. They can be set for any time of the day, ranging from one day through to a number of months, depending on the project. If your child is unavailable for this, we simply let the casting directors know and they can factor that in their decision making.

Payment for Jobs: Payment for jobs is specific to the particular project and can come in different modes. However, the thing to remember is that payment does usually take quite a number of weeks because it needs to be processed between many departments of the production company making the project. So, it is important to realise this at the outset and know that payment may take quite a number of weeks perhaps months to be made.

House Keeping: once you have signed with Dare. Dare will make an artists folder for you that will contain your headshots, Slate, Intro to Camera and C.V. when I submit your child for briefs I will forward a link to this folder to the casting directors. Sometimes submissions will require you to submit your child CV yourself directly to a particular website and you link your agent to the submission. I will always let you know exactly how each submission needs to be made and what you and your child need to do to complete that submission. some submissions can only be made through a casting platform like Showcast. So if you do not have a Showcast profile there will be some briefs that I will not be able to submit your child for. I will let you know what briefs are current and how submissions need to be made so you are always able to start a Showcast profile at any time if you wish.

CVs: are essential for our industry. I will forward a template to you, to fill in on behalf of your child. We will then edit the CV to meet Dare branding requirements and it will be kept with the rest of your casting material in your talent folder. we will of course forward to you a copy of all the material in your talent folder so you have access to it as well.

If we have not been able to answer your question via this FAQ sheet. please forward any more questions to talent@dareartists.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.